A little bit about me.

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Hi my name is Sally Anscombe I am a lifestyle photographer based in the North West of England.  Whilst studying Fine Art I quickly discovered that my main passion was for photography spending most of my time out with my camera and in the darkroom. Now I mostly work in digital with my Canon 5d m3, Gopro, iPhone’s amongst some of the camera’s I use . I have found that the internet especially my portfolio’s on Getty Images and Flickr has opened up great opportunities for me to showcase my work, sell my images and to gain commissions working with a number of Advertising Agencies from around the UK.

In my work I try to capture real life authentic images. Setting a scene for models directing them as if they were acting then capturing their natural actions.  My photography has a warmth to it in both the tone and the contents of the image.

I am now working in with video too and have a small but growing portfolio of footage
clips available for license here on Getty Image video.

I also post on Facebook and have my website Sally Anscombe Photography if you would like to view more images or follow me there.

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch at sjaphotography@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.



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